Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Favorite Wedding Favors

There are thousands of wedding favors, however these have a special place on our list. They are original, unique and themed. Memorable and great decor, each one will be appreciated as a special token of your special moment.

Sea Glass Candle Holders are beach wedding favors with a twist. They are made of aqua colored "sea glass". Each one is a special shape as well. They are all ocean themed sea shells.

There is the starfish, clam and conch sea shell candle holders. That's three different favors for your reception or wedding. This adds more detail and originality to your decor.

Take a look at the sea glass candle holders by clicking here.

You can also choose the elegant, sand colored starfish candle holder and more favor ideas for the oceanside ceremony.

Another option is the heart and shamrock topiary candle, an Irish themed favor. Take a look at all of our great choices today.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Baby Gifts

What are the top baby gifts this year? There are several of them but one of the most precious and unique is the layette set. Layette sets are classic baby gifts that moms and dads like just as much as the newborn.

These baby gifts include sleepers or sleep outfits, booties, hats, and other clothes for the newborn baby. They are always a great baby gift because new parents really need clothes for their infant.

There are some great baby layette sets out there with sports themes, doctor themes and much more. Some of the most popular ones include the animal themed layettes. Choose one that suits your baby and the new family. Some of them also come in boxes that can be used as a keepsake box.

Other choices for baby gifts include nursery rhyme plush toys with storybooks in sets, blankets and lovies in many different themes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

DIY Wedding Favors: Worth the Time?

It may have crossed you mind to make DIY wedding favors to save a few bucks. As your wedding approaches, and the money set aside for the big celebration dwindles, "Why not?" you might think.

Not to burst your bubble, but doing it yourself when it comes to wedding favors is probably not going to be the right choice. Here's why. Since you will need so many of these fine creations, your time investment is going to be extreme. Try, several hours or even several days just to put them all together. DIY wedding favors might sound tempting, but the reality is it just takes too long to be worth it.

Favors are so inexpensive now anyways. You will be able to find them for around a dollar. So, even you have 250 guests, you are not going to save all that much money by using your own two hands. In fact, the more guests you have, the more it makes sense to buy the favors instead of struggling to make enough for everyone.

In some cases, DIY wedding favors are a great option, however. Using candies, flowers or other bulk items to fill up an assortment of wedding favor pails is fairly simple. It takes a few seconds to do this, and the results are actually worth it. Just buy the tin favor pails (no sense forging them from tin yourself), you just add your own personal touch in the form of candy, gum, chocolates or traditional white Jordan wedding almonds.

So, when that creative urge strikes, save it for the nesting period when you move into your new home. The wedding planning, catering search, guest list and invites will take up enough of your time, which is worth more than the cost of few wedding favors.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

Printing your own wedding invitations saves money and provides that custom look and feel you desire for your own invitations. Here's how to successfully print wedding invitations without any hassles.

1. Select an easy to use wedding invitation kit or program kit. Choose one that has the basic theme you want, like classic, elegant, romantic, etc. Don't worry about small details, font styles or anything else. These will be changed.

2. Make sure you have a computer with the ability to handle word processing and format your invitations.

3. Choose a paper that matches your theme. Smooth card stock is one of the best for printing your own wedding invitations, but high gloss paper will look better with elegant or upscale invitations. Select the paper after you receive your DIY wedding invitations.

4. Follow the instructions that come with your print your own wedding invitations carefully. Each one is slightly different, but most involve adding text, formatting it to fit your paper, and then completing test prints.

5. After two successful test prints, start printing your own wedding invitations. Check each one to ensure the paper is feeding properly and the results are exactly as you like. Adjust printer settings by hitting Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. Then select your printer model and click Printer > Preferences and click the maintenance tab. Change paper type to the one you are printing with, and set print quality to "fine" or "best".

These steps make printing your wedding invitations easy, fun and practical.

Illuminations Water Activated Lights

Looking for a real interesting decoration that adds light, color and theme to your event? The Illuminations Water Activated Lights are something new to discover today.

These small little water lights go into a bouquet vase or glass vase and light up in the water. The diamond shape refracts light and sends color everywhere. Since they come in every color, you will find one that suits every type of scheme.

The water lights are perfect for a wedding, bridal shower or another occasion where lots of flowers are used. They cover up that empty blank space in the vase and also create moods in dimly lit settings.

If you are looking for an inexpensive water light that really shines a little color on your event, take a look at them today. It is something that will really complete your decorating for any event.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contemporary Dove Cake Topper Takes the Cake

One of the most charming new cake toppers is the Contemporary Dove Cake Topper. This item is romantic and symbolic. It features two doves in a porcelain glazed sculpture. It is both elegant and suitable for those special weddings.

It adds both charm and sophistication since the design of the doves cake topper is modern in form and style. Place it on medium sized or larger cakes for Spring and Summer occasions. It's also a fond keepsake that you can look back on years later to recapture those wedding day feelings.

This Contemporary Dove Cake Topper is available at a discount price. Order it today to see why this is such a well-loved choice.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fall Wedding Favors for This Year

Summer is almost over and it is time for Fall. This year promises some new favors and old favorites for your wedding. If you are being married during this beautiful season be sure to check them out.

As always the leaf bookmark favors are a big hit. They feature a Fall Maple leaf with a tassel bookmark and come in a gift box.

Another favorite is the leaf bottle opener. This is perfect for wine parties as well. It is a bottle opener with a Fall leaf design, one of the best all-around fall wedding favors.

The leaf bottle stoppers are also interesting and always a big hit at any celebration. This year make your season special with a selection of these great fall wedding favors.

Learn more about Fall wedding traditions and preparation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Asian Love Coasters

The Asian Love Coasters are a very popular choice for Oriental wedding favors. These fun, unique and practical items make excellent decorations, and are taken home after the ceremony.

If you are searching for Asian wedding favors and want something that guests will definitely want to keep as a memory from your special moment, this is it. These favors come in a simple style. They are made of frosted glass with see-through Chinese love characters printed in the frosting. Each one expresses the most important part of the wedding... love!

Use these Asian Love Coasters as a table setting, or just as a gift for everyone. They are a traditional item that is very much a part of the fabric of marriage and weddings.

You will find the Asian Love Coasters here. Read more about Chinese wedding traditions.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bamboo Place Card Holders

Looking for an Asian wedding favor and decoration? This is the one. The Bamboo place card holders are a shoot of bamboo (a stalk) with a slit for the place card in the top. You just rest a card into the bamboo shoot and seat your guests.

It is really a great choice for every type of Oriental or Asian wedding. Due to its natural style, it blends in with any type of decor. Use it alongside bamboo boasters and picture frames. It will go with your porcelain table settings and is fun to take home.

These favors also complement the double happiness coasters and boxes. They are all part of the same theme. Enjoy your wedding and make it special and organic with these real bamboo shoot place card holders today.

See more place card holders and favors today.

Find out more about bamboo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sailboat Place Card Holders

This summer, delight everyone with these classic silver sailboat place card holders.

If you are looking for a way to accent a beach wedding, or ceremony by the sea, with more class than the typical beachy wedding favors like beach pails, and flip flops, this is the way to go.

The sailboat place card holders are very upscale yet simple enough to go with virtually any type of table setting. They go well at the beachside reception with just a few decorations, or at a larger banquet where there are hundreds of people.

Place these small sailboats on the tables and they will add an authentic, glimmering touch. Everyone will be able to take one home as well--a memento of this special day.

These are extremely popular in the summertime. The sailboat place card holders sell out almost every year within just a few weeks. So, order well ahead of your wedding date or they may not be available.